Best Forex Brokers with ZAR accounts 2020

We researched 10+ forex brokers that offer ZAR Trading accounts, and have listed the best in terms of fees & features.

By Rahul Sharma (Editorial Staff) — 

ZAR Forex Trading Accounts are quite useful for traders in South Africa. This will help you avoid losses in fees during the conversion of currency on deposits or withdrawals.

Having a ZAR Account implies that all your funds with the broker will be kept in Rand. In most cases, this would mean the broker likely has local bank account so you can access quick and convenient withdrawals and deposits through bank transfer.

However, only a few Forex Brokers in South Africa offer ZAR Trading Accounts. Most of them claim to provide more or less similar trading environment and features. So choosing the best ZAR account broker is not easy.

6 Best forex brokers that offer ZAR accounts in 2020

  1. HotForex – Best ZAR Account Forex Broker in South Africa
  2. Plus500 – Good Forex Trading platform with ZAR account
  3. XM – Low Spread ZAR account broker
  4. FXPro – Trusted broker
  5. MarketsX – Overall Good ZAR base currency account
  6. Blackstone Futures – FSCA Regulated

For this guide, we have done extensive research of 10+ Forex brokers offering ZAR Accounts to help you out. Then, we have chosen only the highly regulated and reliable brokers working in the South African market.

For the safety of your funds, even if your consideration is ZAR base currency account, you must still trade with only brokers that are well regulated with FSCA or other Top tier regulators like FCA, ASIC.

Best ZAR Trading account forex brokers Compared

BOur research offers a comparison of the top regulated Forex brokers offering ZAR Trading Accounts. This includes overall fees (spread +commissions), trading conditions, platforms, and local support.

1. HotForex – Best ZAR Account Forex Broker

Hotforex South Africa

Overall Rating 9.1/10

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  • Trading Fees (USD/ZAR): 90 pips on average for USD/ZAR with Premium Account.
  • Minimum deposit: R75
  • Regulation: FSCA, FCA
  • Bonus Offer: 100% Deposit Bonus for new first time signups ($250+ or ZAR 40,000+ approx. deposit required) 

Ranked #1 ZAR account Forex Broker in South Africa

HotForex is one of the best ZAR account forex broker for traders in South Africa. They are locally regulated with the South Africa Financial Security Conduct Authority – FSCA (FSP No.46632). Plus, they have been regulated by 2 other Tier-1 regulators FCA and CYSEC. Thus we consider HF Markets safe for traders in South Africa.

HotForex offers Direct Marker access being an STP broker. This means your orders get straight-through processing with no dealing desk. Orders are placed directly with their liquidity providers. Therefore conflict of interest is absent.

Fees: We compared their fees and found the cost to be quite fair (though not the lowest). In terms of fees for trading, HotForex has the lowest spread with the Zero Account. There is no fee for deposits or withdrawals.

The average USDZAR spread with the HF Premium account is around 90 (variable as per market conditions). For a Zero Account, it is usually around 45 pips. Premium Account is a commission-free spread only. Zero Account has a spread of + $6 per 100,000 units (1 standard lot).

Fair Trading Conditions: HotForex offers you 50 currency pairs including exotic, minors, and majors. Its trading instruments also include CFDs on 56 shares, 4 Cryptocurrencies, leading 11 Indices globally, 8 Commodities, 3 top global Bonds, Energies such as Crude and Brent Oil, US Natural Gas, and Spot Metals – Silver and Gold. HF offers trading on the latest MT4 and MT5 platforms for all devices.

The minimum balance for opening an account is ZAR 76 approx. & there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. The max. leverage offered is up to 1:1000 and the speed of order execution is fair. HF also allows Scalping, Hedging, EAs, and Swap-Free Accounts.

Good Support: HotForex has a local phone number in South Africa (+27-10-443-9924, 0-800-999-265). The Live Chat Support is quick and helpful available 24X5 on weekdays. We did not experience a hold time of above 1 minute while connecting anytime.

Hotforex Pros

  • Regulated with FSCA in South Africa & FCA in the UK
  • Spread for Premium and Micro account is quite competitive. With Zero account it is low.
  • New accounts can avail 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Very good Customer Support
  • No fees for deposit or withdrawals.

Hotforex Cons

  • Customer support not available during weekends.

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1. Plus500 – Good Forex Trading platform with ZAR account

Plus500 South Africa

Overall Rating 8.9/10

Visit Plus500

  • Trading Fees (USD/ZAR): 160 pips on average for USD/ZAR. 0.8 pips for EUR/USD.
  • Minimum deposit: R1500
  • Regulation: FCA, CySEC, ASIC
  • Bonus Offer: 100% Deposit Bonus for new first time signups ($250+ or ZAR 40,000+ approx. deposit required) 

Ranked #2 ZAR account Forex Broker

Plus500 is one of the leading forex trading platform. They are well regulated with multiple Top tier regulators including with ASIC, FCA & CySEC. Moreover, their company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange and is thus considered a relatively safe broker for traders in SA.

Fees: Plus500 offers competitive spread to the traders – as low as 0.6 pips for the benchmark EUR/USD. They also do not charge any fees for withdrawals or deposits.

Moreover, there is no other volume/lot based commission on Forex trade. The only fees that it charges are the spread.

Trading Conditions & features: There is only a single account type for Retail traders at Plus500. The minimum deposit is ZAR 1500 and the max. leverage is 1:300 for SA traders. The broker also provides protection for the negative balance and assured stop-loss protection. This is without charging any additional fees.

Traders can choose from 71 currency pairs, 1000+ CFDs on stocks. The other asset classes include 8 Commodities, 7 Cryptocurrencies, 8 Indices, 6 Energies, and 4 Precious Metals.

Plus500 offers you its proprietary trading platforms for Web and Mobile trading. On the downside, this platform is not accessible in Desktop.

Decent Support: Customer Support is available through Live Chat, Email & Whatsapp. There is also a decent FAQs section for self-help.

Live Chat support can be accessed only when logged in. It is necessary to fill Contact Form for availing e-mail support. On testing, we received a response within 1 hour on a weekday.

Plus500 Pros

  • Regulated with 2 Tier 1 regulators FCA and ASIC.
  • Competitive spread for Forex majors and Crypto CFDs.
  • Their platform provides access to 15 Crypto CFDs.
  • No charges for withdrawals and deposits.
  • Good Mobile Platform/App.
  • Good Risk management features including Guaranteed stop loss protection & negative balance protection.

Plus500 Cons

  • Plus500 proprietary platform for trading is not accessible on Desktop.
  • Third party popular MetaTrader or cTrader platforms are not available.
  • Account options are limited.
  • Education section for traders is very limited.

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Why choose a ZAR Account Forex Broker?

There are a few advantages to trading with a broker that offers ZAR base currency accounts.

a. Depends on your mostly traded trading instrument:
This is if your account is funded through the most frequently traded quote currency. For instance, if you mostly trade South African Rand pairs with quote currency in ZAR such as USDZAR, EURZAR, GBPZAR, then there may be certain advantages to opening ZAR account.

If your account is funded in ZAR, then your account balance will be in Rand, and all your profits too will by default be converted into ZAR (Rand) once you close the trade. In case you are trading mostly ZAR quote currency pairs, then a conversion transaction will not be required. You will also save the commissions if your broker charges commission for the transaction to convert.

It is preferred if your account currency is the same as the quote currency of your most traded pairs. If not, you will lose during the re-conversion of funds to your funding currency each time you trade. You may have to pay an extra commission each time you trade if the broker charges for conversion. This could add up to much eventually.

b. Conversion charges during withdrawal (by your bank and/or the broker):
Once you decide on the withdrawal, you will want to get withdrawal from your broker in your South African bank account.

In case you hold a ZAR account, the broker can directly send your withdrawal in Rand. Instead consider a case where you request the withdrawal in USD (if your base currency is US Dollar), then your bank, broker (or both) may charge you fees for the USD wire transfer to your SA based bank account.

Here, the currency conversion fees/spread on exchange rates of anywhere from 2%-6% could be charged by your bank. If the USD/ZAR exchange rate is 19, your bank will charge its fees on the exchange rate and offer you around 18.6. Your broker and bank may also levy wire charges for receipt of USD payments.

But in case of ZAR account, it is very likely that the Rand withdrawal transfer by broker be from the broker’s local bank account in South Africa.

This will save you the fees for withdrawal that can incur for your wire withdrawals.

Frequently asked questions: ZAR Account Forex Brokers

Which is the best forex broker that offers ZAR Trading accounts?

According to our comparison these 3 brokers offer ZAR base currency option & are better than most other brokers out there for similar features:

  1. FSCA Regulated & offers ZAR Account: Hotforex
  2. Good Trading App: Plus500
  3. Low Spread: XM Broker

Are there any advantages to opening a ZAR trading account?

Yes, there are some benefits but it mostly depends on your choice.

If you mostly trade on Rand pairs like USD/ZAR then it is preferred to open a ZAR account with the broker. As you could save on the conversion losses.

Moreover, another plus point to creating ZAR account over USD or EUR, is that you can make deposits & withdrawals in Rand. In this case, there will be no losses on exchange rates or transfer fees that would be charged by your bank (or broker) if you were to say make transfer to your broker in USD.

Which ZAR base currency account forex brokers are regulated with FSCA?

As per our research, there are about 10 FSCA regulated forex brokers that offer ZAR accounts. We have listed 3 such brokers here in our list (last updated in August 2020): Hotforex, FxPro & BlackStone Futures. We will add more ZAR account offering brokers in this list once we have compared their features & fees.

In terms of fees (USDZAR benchmark) – Hotforex has 90 pips spread on average with their Premium Account (1.2 pips for EURUSD). BlackStone Futures has spread as low as 10 points (variable) for USD/ZAR currency pair.

Hotforex is the #1 ZAR Account Broker